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NAD 2.12 Released


Added export to windows 8. You need Visual Studio 2012 to create the apps. Automatic export from Neptune to Windows 8 JavaScript based apps.

For SAPUI5 Desktop we added SAP Search Help - single select - into the ValueField object. Just enter the search help name (example MAT1) and you are done.


Since SAPUI5 1.14.2 there was a big change in binding. We have now completed all components to fit the new requirements. We have even enhanced the binding possibilities.

  • The binding now displays the table/structure name + field name: {IT_KNA1-NAME1}. Using this binding method will always make sure the binding to SAPUI5 components works correct.
  • Concatenate of multiple fields from the model is now possible. Just bind another field into an existing one and the binding would look like: {IT_KNA1-NAME1},{IT_KNA1-NAME2} 
  • No need to change existing binding, we are backward compatible


Attribute Changes

  • Icon
  • valueStateText for sap.m input
  • Chart added ajaxError/Success
  • Chart pie/donut added model attributes
  • FormElement / sap.commons - Added Label as attribute
  • Fixed DisplaylistItem + GroupHeaderListItem - label/title on attributes


New Javascript Helper Functions

  • Possible to create own JS Helper Functions, by creating application NEPTUNE_SCRIPT_CUSTOM
  • Table new script - filter med rows
  • Each Loop
  • Pushwoosh script for push notifications
  • Support Double click to insert script code
  • Move existing javascript in the attribute value into the script editor
  • Comment/Uncomment functions for script editors
  • Comment different color in the script editors



  • Library - Implemented search to easily find objects
  • Preview in Wrapper - Now supports phone and tablet mode to be able to preview SplitApp in the Wrapper
  • sap-client on ajax requests
  • JSON Parser - stronger parser to handle special characters
  • Preview on Designer Start page
  • Add model rec/send possible to view in display mode

Nice work, open feature request count decreasing :)

Especially the binding topics, showing the table/structure and concatenation. We discussed these issues with Ralf-Jürgen in the workshop last week.

Great way to start the next week, playing around with 2.12 on our system!

Great job guys! All really helpful features. But most mind-blowing  is the search help. I'm thinking to write a tutorial about that feature in SCN.   

Hi Guys, 

Is download already available for NAD 2.12? I could see only the PFCG file with 2.12 release.


So far only the PFCG version is available. I'm not sure when the normal transports are available, but will check it out.

Lol, I meant the Saint installation, not PFCG. 

Hi Rajkumar

Thank you for the message.

Since we changed the web, the latest release was not published to the web. But now it is. So you can download 2.12 now.


Ole Andre

Cool!!!  Impressed with the way you have updated the link..



Nice website relaunch, like it! Especially the way you incorporated your templates into the website, just played around with them on my phone.

One "minor" note: the last demo also shows the link "Go to next demo".

Hi Ole Andre, 

Small Suggestion, every time we download the latest NAD version, we have to again register our user details to get the password for the download. It will be really good if the registered users in the Neptune support forum can skip the process and directly download.



is a trial version of NAD available for download?

The trial version is available for download from our Web site


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