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Allow binding of class-local type definitions in NAD

In ABAP I often prefer to define types locally in global classes.

I would like to be able to use these locally defined types for binding in the NAD.

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Neptune requires to read dictionary information for the attributes, both in the designer and from the server. Not found any good solution for getting the information from the locally defined types.

Is it not possible by using Reflection with RTTI to get information about class local types? I did not try it until now but I thought you can get everything out of RTTI.

Attached you can see the first step to get information about the locally defined type (I used a neptune class as an example). In order to get all information about the components of the type you may have to execute this in an iterative way. I don't know if you get all the type information you need or if there are some restrictions for types that are not defined in DDIC.


Hi Mark

Really nice work !

I can read tables created with locally defined types, but not able to read structures. If you try with


It will fail with "Exception TYPE_NOT_FOUND triggered"

Will continue to research on this topic. Would be nice to be able to read and use locally defined types.


Ole Andre

/NEPTUNE/CL_NAD_SERVER=>WA_SESSIONS is an attribute, not a type. Only types TT_SESSIONS and TT_TAB_SESSIONS exist in this class.

I hope this will work somehow :-)

Cheers, Mark

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