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Conversion exit for model fields used on input for request data

Conversion exit works nice for output data.

Would be cool if data sent back to the server is converted using the same exit for input as well.

(as described in http://support.neptune-software.com/helpdesk/tickets/187)

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There is one problem, the conversion exit out is easy to implement. If you search the conversion exits FM, there are a lot with only conversion*out, and not in again from SAP.

The problem is date formatting in different languages, like the LDATE conversion  20140404 -> 04. April 2014

Thats why the formatters are so much better to use.

Agreed for the date types.

Right now using CUNIT for unit of measure conversion in a table where it would be very useful to have the input conversion.

We're sending table data back and force, so the second round the already converted value 'DPK' gets converted again which results in ****** from CONVERSION_EXIT_CUNIT_OUTPUT

Workaround is to call CONVERSION_EXIT_CUNIT_OUTPUT ourselves in application class of course, would be nice being able to use the standard Neptune functionality ;) maybe could be solved with additional options in the format data popup, 2 checkboxes to switch on conversion input and/or output.

Hi Martin

I have again tested the effect on the auto conversion exit for inbound data. Did a large test and there will be to many conversion exists that will not work for inbound conversion. Date is the best example and it will cause an dump in your SAP system.

Our recommendation is to use UI5 Formatters to keep the original data intact and only change how data is displayed.


Ole Andre 

Thanks for the fast turnaround Ole-André :)

for date conversion I agree and always prefer the UI5 formatters since this is supported by UI5, same as number formats.

I wouldn't put SAP specific conversion in the frontend formatters since those is mostly language dependent and stored in SAP customizing, so I would do the conversion in the backend.

Other typical domains where such a feature could be useful for example:

AUART - sales order type

PARVW - partner type

For domain DATUM e.g. there is no conversion routine defined

Maybe you could offer an input conversion option (as described above) only if a conversion routine exists to avoid dumps?

Thanks for your valuable feedback

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