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About reuse and standard utilities

Hi all

I am really new about Neptune. We installed for testing it on our system and I think it's a really good product. Really intuitive: I read the SAPUI5 tutorial and I write an app (not the one of the tutorial) by myself guessing how the Application Designer works.

I have some doubts I would like to solve I don't know where to search on forum.

First doubt is about reuse: I see in app designer I can use a class binded to app. Say I have more classes implementing more functionality: how can I reuse functionality of these classes? The second doubt is about standard object: for example input help; the tutorial in effect is quite a input help for customer. I think stadard input help (like MAT1) are not supported, but simple input help based on table content is available or has it to be created ?

Thanks and regards


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Hi Gabriele

For the reuse of other classes, you can reuse them inside your application class. Also the reuse of Function Modules etc.

For the F4 search help, we have implemented that on the Desktop version, sap.ui.commons - ValueHelpField. Then you can enter the MAT1 search help and the F¤ dialog will be auto generated. For the mobile solutions we recommend creating more intuitive search helps, like google searching data only by one field.


Ole Andre 

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