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PDF plugin on page with enableScrolling=false

I implemented the PDF plugin (like in your NADUI5_HCM_PAYROLL app).

On iOS(iPad) the scrolling for a displayed PDF works "double": The scrolling of the plugin, and the scrolling of the app page (e.g. where the edge of the page content get drawn up/down and snaps back when touch screen is relased).

To avoid that I disable scrolling the page element (enableScrolling=false) - which in turn makes the CustomHeader disapper behind the pdf.

My workaround to this:

raising the z-index of the HeaderBar, so it gets displayed above the pdf plugin (works nice, especially with translucent=true).

Is there any better, more standard way to do this?

Feedback appreciated.


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Confirmed now, issue is gone, no need for my CSS z-index fix anymore.



Hi Maximilian

I try to recreate your problem, but with the next PDFView in SP02 i can't get this problem. The header/footer are on top in the page, even having the pagescrolling = false


Ole Andre