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How to use custom plugin not under the plugin tab?

Hi There,

I'm trying to use a phonegap plugin from git which is not in the export to phonegap. I know I can make use of it and not just work with the default ones under the plugin tab. When I export my application for phonegap, it generates some file like config.xml & index.html which I'll need to edit. But what exactly I"ve to edit.

As I see the config.xml, I see I can include the plugin name but in index.html it seems to be confusing as to what all changes I need to do. I can see some callback methods for each 3rd party plugin but is that all? Kindly can anybody help here?

Awaiting your responses eagerly.



Hi Gourav

I can't find the LineaPro Plugin supported bu the build.phonegap.com. Our export are optimized for this service.

You can check the supported plugins here:


You can use the Phonegap CLI to build your app, and then use some more plugins. A bit more hard to use and higher requirements like node.js etc.

With the build service, they will add the barcodescanner.js etc as a part of the build process. Since ios/endroid/winphone have different barcodescanner,js. This is the same for all other plugins using the build service.


Ole Andre

Hi Ole Andre,

Thanks for your reply.

I'm trying to use the lineapro phonegap plugin which resides in the git repository. There is a corresponding JS file which I can include as above in the index.html but do I need to add it somewhere within the generated folders within the neptune folder for the above to be able to reference it or will it automatically pull it from the git repo?

Also for third party plugin like barcodescanner, I do not seem to find it's JS being included anywhere in the generated folders. So how does it work?



Hi Gourav

Since there are a lot of plugins to Phonegap build service, we have decided to include the most commonly used into our export. For adding new plugins please du the following:

Example Barcode Plugin:

1) Config.xml - Add reference to the plugin like this:

<gap:plugin name="com.phonegap.plugins.barcodescanner" />

2) Index.html - Add reference to the js file like this:

<script src="barcodescanner.js"></script>


Ole Andre

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