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Blackberry issue

Apps build for android were installed on Blackberry z30. The apps run fine on android and also on the BB browser. However, as hybrid app the screens are sometimes scrambled on the BB. ( e.g. some parts of a previous screen are still visible and vanish only after e.g. scrolling  )

Any idea what might be the cause ?

Hi Marcus 

What framework are you using ? JQM or UI5 ?


Ole Andre

Hi Ole,

I am using SAPUI5 . the app was build with older Neptune version, any issue here ?

Hi Markus

If you use an older NAD version i think your device uses the UI5 library from the onDemand server to SAP. That could be one issue, since your mobile device needs 1Mb or more each time you start the app. Would recommend using a local UI5 library, you get that with our NAD 2.20 SP02 version. But, there is one problem with Blackberry. It can only have 450-500 files as a max in the library. And the UI5 library contains for the sap.m and sap.ui 600+ files - so you will have problem with Blackberry and UI5. We have not solved this issue and hope SAP will deliver the UI5 library with less files. 


Ole Andre

This issue was solved by the new version of the BB 10 operating system. Now it works fine.

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