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PhoneGap BarcodeScanner - ITF - IOS


I have a question about Neptune Client and BarcodeScanner for IOS and ITF barcodes.

I see in the document you have posted that the ITF barcodes are not supported with IOS. But when i go to the Phonegap Plugin page I see that last version of the BarcodeScanner does support it.

I've checked out with the Neptune Client that it works perfectly with Android but it doesn't work with IOS (iPad).

The question is, is it because of the plugin version? if yes, is there any chance it to work   in the near future with the Neptune-Client?

Thank you!!!

Hi Carlos

We will update the Neptune client in Aug/Sep, to have the newest SAPUI5 Library and then we can include upgrade to the latest barcode plugin. The barcodescanner we are using are only 2 months old.

One option is to create your own client. With Support Package 3 installed it's very easily achieved. Only required a build.phonegap.com account and you can include barcodescanner as plugin.


Ole Andre

Ok Ole Andre,

Thanks a lot.

Hi again,

Just FYI.

Here, in this link people say that the reason why ITF is not working with the BarCode Scanner Plugin is that there is a line in a file which is commented, and uncommenting it, everything should work properly.


I don't know how easy or difficult is to change the Neptune Client to make it work…



I have read the blogs and now the Phonegap Barcodescanner are updated on build service. So creating an own client should now include the ITF.

Have you tested the AppCache configuration and Export to phonegap ? Easy to build an own client with Neptune using phonegap.

If you need any help we can have a websession and guide you.

Check this blog:



Ole Andre


I will try it possibly this month. What I have to check is if it works on IOS, because it already worked on Android.

I will comment here what the result is.

Thank you!

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