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403 Forbidden Error


I followed steps for 'Developing first UI5 application'.  So far, I have created an App node, a Page within App and Standard Tile control.  When I try to test the application via either 'Preview' or 'Preview in Wrapper', I receive 403 Forbidden error.

More details:

Service cannot be reached
What has happened?

URL call was terminated because the corresponding service is not available.

The termination occurred in system with error code 403 and for the reason Forbidden

What can I do?Please select a valid URL.

HTTP 403 - Forbidden

Your SAP Internet Communication Framework Team

Please Help.


Rutul Thakkar

Hi Rutul

Can you start transaction SICF, and activate the node /NEPTUNE. Then the preview should work.

The activation should be a postprocessing steps when installing/upgrading Neptune.


Ole Andre

Hello Ole,

Thank you for the response.  I have activated the SICF service but still receive the 403 error.


Rutul Thakkar


Could it be that your ICF points to J2EE instance. Check this topic:


If not, please provide me with a printscreen so i can see the error message.


Ole Andre

Issue is resolved.

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