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NAD 2.20 SP03 Released


We are happy to announce Support Package 3 for Neptune Application Designer. Upgrading to UI5 1.20.5 is one of the major upgrades in this Support Package. We have also included functionality requested from our community and included more functionality for the developers like Preview Splitscreen, Autogeneration of object names and AppCache now configuration.

Enjoy !

New Features

  • Updated UI5 to 1.20.5
  • Phonegap Export / AppCache - Redesign for easy export and configuration
  • Possible to use Database Table + Domain Value Range for Select, Dropbox, Combobox, Autocomplete
  • MessageArea object for sap.m - Using the Message API - Normal message and SAP T100 message handling
  • New Plugin: SignaturePad
  • New Plugin: Offline ModelData
  • Autogenerate object names
  • Preview splitscreen, requires IE9


Bug Fixes/Changes

  • More UI5 formatters options
  • ajax_value implemented for simple charts
  • ICF Node Check - If created a subnode to Neptune, all applications running on this subnode must be specified in the Settings tab for the Application. If you already run custom nodes, please update your app with this setting
  • Theme Import - Better checks before import
  • URL Language parameter sap-language now override all language settings
  • Translation now possible for sap.m.Column
  • Binding of text attribute for table columns
  • Select/Dropdown/Combobox/Autocomplete encode JSON data to handle illegal characters
  • Prevent ENTER Submit for Input fields as default
  • Phonegap Export - 3.4 as default
  • Phonegap Export - iOS Splash Screen Update
  • SelectDialog/Popup with sap.viz now works regarding layout
  • Carousel in AppCache - Only right sliding 
  • UI5 Icon browser changed to the new one from SAPUI5
  • UI5 Tree expanded property now working as intended
  • Updated JSON parsing for table data


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Great, thanks a lot !! Nice feature that you have added the "Preview splitscreen" for a quicker testing :-)

Waiting for SP03 since i attended the webinar sessions. Looking forward to test the new features.

Thank you Team,appreciate your efforts.

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