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Theme Designer

I'm experiencing issues about Theme Designer. Briefly, I've done a custom theme using Theme Designer launched from SAP (and not using the web one) and is not clear, after I've done my changes and have published it, how I can use it in neptune.

It seems I have to download It and import once again using Neptune Tool.

Is this correct or I'm doing some mistakes?

Many thanks.

Hello Bruno,

I have a step-to-step guide. This may help you.

Best Regards,



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Thank you Prakash for your reply and well documented guide. Awesome work !

Hi Bruno

Our integration is to the Theme Designer from SAP, web version. But it only depends on the export functionality for the one you are using. Unzip your ZIP file and import the files into Neptune Application Designer.

Please check out this blog:



Ole Andre

Thank you Prakash for the tutorial! Of course a good job.

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