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SELF-FIXED: Broken app, object hierarchy after SP03 upgrade

I want to share a small experience I had with the SP03 upgrade.

Disclaimer to start with: Problem was most likely self-caused.

Issue: A node in the application element hierarchy had a direct child element as its parent as reference. It got displayed at the end at top level in the Designer. Any attempts to copy or move it resulted in the SAP GUI not responding, most likely a recursive loop anywhere.

Resolved through identifying the node in table /NEPTUNE/_OBJ, setting the right parent id for it. After that the Designer allowed for proper development again.

Probable issue: A developer working in the Designer transaction while the SP03 transport was imported.

We did not have any other issues so far.

Related question: table names with underscore like /NEPTUNE/_OBJ are holding the development versions, table names without underscore like /NEPTUNE/OBJ are holding the active/activated versions. Is this right?



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Hi Max

Sorry for late answer, did not see your post.

Yes alle tables with the syntax like /neptune/_obj are working tables used in the designer. The /neptune/obj are activated data used by our server.


Ole Andre

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