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HowTo Debug Neptune Application


does anyone know how to debug my neptune application so that I can check if my abap class is working correctly?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Lutz,

You have to activate external debugging in your ABAP code as described in the below extract of this OSS note :

"Use the following menu option to activate debugging:"Utilities" -> "Settings ... -> "ABAP Editor" -> "Debugging"On the "Debugging" tab, you must enter the user whose session is to be examined by the debugger. Furthermore, you must activate the "Active" checkbox and deactivate the "IP Matching" checkbox.You require certain authorizations to activate and set breakpoints in ABAP reports. For more information, see note 668252.In the ABAP report (that is, in the method, function module, include, and so on), it is imperative that you select "HTTP/external debugging" when you set breakpoints at the required locations."

Best regards.


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