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SAPUI5 APP wont Start


I developed a SAPUI5 App and uploaded to the android marketplace. In simulation mode in neptune designer  everthing works fine, but when I execute the app on my android device the app start and then it stay in a white screen forever (this is after the splash screen).

Im usign Neptune AppCache for authentication and using phonegap for building the apk file. I tried with diferent configuration when exporting the neptune app and the result is the same. 

Have you experienced this issue before? could you please give some recommendation?

For reference, this is my AppCache conf:

Best regards and thank you in advance.

Cristian R.

Hi Cristian

After the export to Phonegap, you can start the App from your local PC, with Chrome. Close all Chrome sessions, and start it again with this option:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --disable-web-security

Then you will be able to simulate the App as a mobile App on your device. Then you can open the console and check for errors. 

If that is not helping you, please create a ticket and we can setup a session to assist you.


Ole Andre 

Hello Ole-André, thank you for your reply.

I follow your suggestion and I detect the following warning in the console  just before the App start:

 "Device API values manipulated: NOT PRODUCTIVE FEATURE!!! This should be only used for test purposes. Only use if you know what your are doing."

The App start despite this warning.

Additionally, when I run the simulation in Web App mode (not in mobile mode) this warning does not occur. 

Could this warning be the cause of  my issue?

Thank you once again and best regards.

Cristian R.

Hi Cristian

No that is not the reason. This is a message from UI5 library, since we are emulating a device in the preview. All ok and the way to do it.


Ole Andre

Hello again;

I was able to test successfully our SAPUI5 in android devices using the neptune client app. Now, we want to test this app in apple devices (iphone/ipads), but in the neptune client app downloaded from the apple store we dont see the  option marked in red:

With the android client, we can set up our specific values and launch our app using this option: 

Why this option is not  available in the netpunte client app for apple devices?

Thank you in advance for your comments.

Cristian R.


For the iOS Neptune Client, you need to go to the settings on the device, not in the App. Then scroll down to you find Neptune Client, and set your own settings.

The settings on iOS are native settings.


Ole Andre 

Thank you for your answer. Now we can run test the app in apple devices as well.

Best regards.

Cristian R.

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