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NAD 3.0 Released

Neptune Application Designer release notes version 3.0


Major enhancements


· New HTML5 powered editor. Featuring Syntax check, Auto Complete and code snippets.

· Neptune Application Management included in NAD

· Neptune Application Catalog included in NAD

· Neptune GUI Client included in NAD

· Neptune Web Client included in NAD

· Updated to UI5 version 1.24.3

· Added Hybrid App support for Windows 8.x and Windows Phone 8.1

· Dynamic Role Based Menu and Authorization protection for Neptune Applications

· Two-Factor authentication

· Encrypted local database

New features


· Improved wizard for lists, forms and tables. Possibility to select specific fields from internal tables and structures

· Improved rendering from Neptune Application Server. Up to 200% times faster rendering on large applications

· Greatly improved AppCache Script

· Support for Enterprise Portal Authentication

· Global JavaScript Editor


New controls


· BulletChart                                 sap.suite.ui.commons.BulletChart

· BulletChartData                          sap.suite.ui.commons.BulletChartData

· ChartContainerContent                sap.suite.ui.commons.ChartContainerContent

· ChartContainer                           sap.suite.ui.commons.ChartContainer

· ColumnMicroChart                     sap.suite.ui.commons.ColumnMicroChart

· ColumnMicroChartData              sap.suite.ui.commons.ColumnData

· ComparisonChart                       sap.suite.ui.commons.ComparisonChart

· ComparisonData                        sap.suite.ui.commons.ComparisonData

· DynamicContainer                     sap.suite.ui.commons.DynamicContainer

· GenericTile                               sap.suite.ui.commons.GenericTile

· HeaderCell                                sap.suite.ui.commons.HeaderCell

· HeaderContainer                        sap.suite.ui.commons.HeaderContainer

· HeaderCellItem                          sap.suite.ui.commons.HeaderCellItem

· JamContent                               sap.suite.ui.commons.JamContent

· NewsContent                             sap.suite.ui.commons.NewsContent

· TileContent                                sap.suite.ui.commons.TileContent

· ComboBox                                sap.m.ComboBox

· Currency                                   sap.ui.unified.Currency

· DatePicker                                sap.m.DatePicker

· FeedInput                                 sap.m.FeedInput

· MultiComboBox                         sap.m.MultiComboBox

· RatingIndicator                          sap.m.RatingIndicator

· SplitContainerContent                 sap.ui.unified.SplitContainerContent

· SplitContainer                            sap.ui.unified.SplitContainer

· ToggleButton                             sap.m.ToggleButton


Good one :)

The auto complete is excellent, but there is no possibility to copy and paste code.



Since we got some questions regarding requirements of the new editor, I will try to place them here.

  1. SAPGUI - Patching to 7.30 patch 10 will meet all requirements and all functionality will be available. Copy/paste will in some cases not work due to SAPGUI release.
  2. IE - Less than IE9 on your PC will cause problems
  3. Theme - For some SAPGUI releases (not 7.30 patch10) you need to go to settings and set Theme/Font Size to be able to use the editor. (I suggest to implement requirement number 1)

Important: Please remember to update the Developer Role by uploading it with transaction PFCG. the NEPTUNE_DEVELOPER.SAP file is included in the Upgrade/Installation ZIP file


Ole Andre 

I can confirm, copy/paste of course works :)


I get the following error with the new version.

Can you please help me with this.

Strange error in New version


Anmol Bhat


Sure. The problem that we see with the new editor is related to SAPGUI version and Internet explorer version. We do recommend using SAPGUI 7.30 patch 10 or higher and IE10+

One ting you can test before upgrading your SAPGUI. If you look at your Neptune Developer Role, goto Settings and set Javascript Editor Theme to Chrome and you might require to set Font Size to 12. Then it should work.


Ole Andre

Got Resolved.

Thanks a lot Ole Andre.

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