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Using ABAP tables in Script

Hi I am working on some development where I am using BusyDialog.

To close this I have to check if my internal table is filled or not.

Can you please help me to write a Java script to check the internal table which is populated from the class is filled or not.

Thanks a lot in advance.


Anmol Bhat

Hello Anmol,

If your UI element that receives data is called "MyTable", you can use :


to get the number of entries of the model that you have bound to your ABAP internal table.

Complementary information about sendind/receiving data are available in the below link: 


Best regards.


Any updates


Using BusyDialog's or other Busy methods/components, the normal way to close it is on the event ajaxSuccess/ajaxError. This is the Event when data is received from SAP and perfect timing to close Busy indicators.


Ole Andre 

Ole and PEB Thanks a lot for you prompt reply.

My problem is solved.

Thanks a lot again.


Anmol Bhat

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