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Adding function for Superior and Subordinate employee in Employee Lookup

Hi there,

I am working on Neptune Software for employee lookup. I want to add functionality to Employee Lookup app to display Superior and Subordinate employees. If employee dont have superior then the button should not be displayed. I don't understand how to add functionality for these two tasks. I just have started using Neptune Software so bit new in it. If anybody have any idea regarding this please let me know. 



Hi Avadhut

If you describe the change that you want, we can implement it into our template. 


Ole Andre 

Hi i just want to add functionality to view Superior/ Subordinate employee for selected employee. i.e. when i select the employee from employee list then there should be buttons on the screen when we press this button then it will display the superior employee i,e. manager for that employee. If employee himself is manager then button should not appear on the screen. Same for the Subordinate employee but for subordinate employees it should display list as there may be more than one subordinate employees are there for selected employee. I have added the button i didnt get how to and where to add functionality to acheive this. 

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