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SAPUI5 Message rendering

In the new SAPUI5 version the sap.m.message and filter generated popups now put all the buttons on the right hand side and don't spread them out over the footer anymore. The style sheets below seem to fix the issues mostly. Its not perfect but renders much better that having everything squished on the right hand side.

Message Box

button[id^="__mbox-btn"] { width:50%; }
button[id^="__mbox-btn"]:only-of-type { width:96%;padding-right: 2% }

other Generated Dialogs like the filter.

button[id^="__button"]{ width:50%; }
button[id^="__button"]:only-of-type { width:96%;padding-right: 2%}

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Hi Rikardt

Thank you for sharing this with us. UI5 1.24.x decided to move the buttons to the right, so great that we now have the option to style it back to two buttons with 50% size.


Ole Andre 

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