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iFrame in Neptune?


I'm trying to create a splitApp which, when you click on a table entry on the Master page, a dynamic URL link is opened within a window on the Details page. I can't find a way of doing this, as I can't dynamically pass a URL to the iFrame object. Is there a ui5 object I can use in Neptune for this, and if so how?

Any help would be appreciated!


Gareth Duke


The dynamic URL is that type product information etc ? Delivered from other webserver ?

You can use sapui5 html object, and put iFrame as a child. Then you can use a small javascript to change the URL dynamically.


Another approach if you like a popup, use window.open() - then in a mobile enviroment it will use inAppBrowser automatically.


Ole Andre


The app I'm developing is for E-Recruiting, the URL is a unique link to a job advert. I've passed the URL to a structure in my class, depending on which job advert is selected, and I want this URL to be displayed in the iFrame when I select the job advert from the table on the Master page ...

Kind regards


Hi Ole Andre,

I understand now what you meant with the javascript above, it's working, thank you!

One further question, I need to set  meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=5" within the iFrame, is this also possible?

Many thanks again for your help!



Hi Gareth

For the meta tag, you need to put that in the destination Application (src of iFrame). Start NAD for that application, click on header and enter:




Ole Andre 

Hi Ole-Andre,

im using the Javascript $("#oiFrame").attr("src",http://www.neptune-software.com); to display an URL in an iframe via Button-press.

It works fine in IE or Chrome, but on IOS-Devices (IPhone/IPad) the iframe box is empty and nothing is displayed.

Do you have a workaround to use an iframe with IOS ?



Hi Herbert

It's not recommended using iFrame in Android/iOS apps inside a phonegap App. Could you implement window.open statement instead, that will use the inAppBrowser from Phonegap ? 


Ole Andre 

Hi Ole.Andre,

i found a suitable App in the Demo-Programms :


--> The Website is called and displayed,  on an IPhone there is a Navigationbutton.

Unfortunately the App is not on the AppStore... so how have you done it ?

Regards Herbert

(70.8 KB)

Hi Herbert

For the website link, we have used Neptune Application Management, and created a tile menu item, with action external URL.

The javascript behind the functionality is like this:


        if (sap.ui.Device.os.name == 'Android' || sap.ui.Device.os.name == 'iOS' || sap.ui.Device.os.name == 'winphone') {
            window.open(dataTile.URL_EXTERNAL, "_blank", "location=0,status=0");
        } else {
            sap.m.URLHelper.redirect(dataTile.URL_EXTERNAL, dataTile.URL_WINDOW);


Hope this will help you.


Ole Andre 


 we're a trying to open an external url inside the app on iOS .

The link point to a Qlik BI platform portal. The website propose a popup to the user for basic authentication.

We tried to put the link in nam using external url link but this popup doesn't appear.

We can see just the "bottom" layer of the page with a loading wheel because the page is still waiting the credential.

I think that the problem appears for every website that require authentication.



(55.5 KB)

Hi Micael,

If you run the same scenario on desktop do you get any errors ?    (you can check the console and network tabs in development tools of your browser - preferably chrome..).

It could also be that the website you want to access has clickjacking protection.   (the website is not allowed to be run inside an iframe).

Have a nice weekend,


Hi Micael,

I checked the URL and it need authentication (the pop-up comes in).

If you get the authentication pop-up when loading the URL, this will not be handled in the iframe.  Unfortunately it does not work.   There is nothing we can do about it, this is how browsers handle this scenarios. :(

You will some info here:  https://stackoverflow.com/questions/15639280/basic-authentication-for-a-url-in-an-iframe    a guy suggested using a reverse proxy to avoid the auth pop-up.

Thanks and kind regards,


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