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Option to prevent "blank line" in a sap.m.select UI base on domain values

Hello Team,

The possibility to have sap.m.select referring is very interesting but I see no option to prevent the display of initial value (blank line). Would it be possible to have a checbox to obtain this result please ?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Best regards.


Hi Pierre

We will implement a solution in Support Package 01 - in February.

For some of the Domain Values, an initial value is actually a qualified value in SAP.


Ole Andre 

Ole-André we use sap.m.Select with binding to dictionary table which works like a charm :) we are eagerly awaiting an option to add/suppress the empty initial record ;) thanks and regards from Lysaker

Hi Martin and Pierre

Now this functionality is implemented for the Neptune UX Platform 4.0


Ole Andre 

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Thanks Ole-André that was fast :)

regarding your comment above, what will happen when using a domain and an initial value is actually a qualified value?

Tested with domain APOKZ, the first fixed value is not displayed:

Workaround is to create own model in class with ajax id, anyhow would be great to have a solution for this ;) thanks

Tested with domain APOKZ, the first fixed value text is not displayed. Lots of domains have an initial fixed value as you pointed out above, would be great to display those as well :) thanks

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