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Popover with Navcon


It would be good to implement the Popover with NavContainer option from SAPUI5 (especially in sap.m where long lists can prove unusable for users).


Kind regards

Gareth Duke

Hi Gareth

Today the sap.m.List and sap.m.Table provides the option for growing list and set threshold for growing. 

Not sure how the Popover could be implemented to provided better usability for the users so please help me out and explain how this can be achieved. Do you have a link or image to such a solution ?

Thank you


Ole Andre 

Hi Ole Andre,

I was looking to implement something like the Popover with NavContainer as described in the SAPUI5 Explored link: https://sapui5.netweaver.ondemand.com/sdk/explored.html#/sample/sap.m.sample.PopoverNavCon/preview so I can navigate to further details in place. 



Hi Gareth

In NAD 3.0 SP01 the sap.m.NavContainer will be available and work as the demo from SAPUI5 Explored Link. 

Thank you for great suggestion.


Ole Andre 

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