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checkbox (sap.m) event "Select" in Table (sap.m)

Hi all,

I have a cache enabled table (sap.m) inside my app which holds data which should be adjusted by the user. Important input enabled colums are: a DatePicker (sap.m) and a Checkbox (sap.m).

I want to achieve that the user can directly change the checkbox selection state and the date from the date picker and these changes then directly affect the stored model data (caching is enabled). When the user refreshes the page the checkboxes and dates should be the same. Update of the model data should already be done when the data is changed not with an additional click on a button.

Therefore I thought I must use the "change" or "select" event of the datePicker and the Checkbox.

The problem is that I don't receive any events when their values change. My coding within the "select" event of the checkbox and coding in the "change" event  of the date picker won't get called.

When I put these UI elements on my page directly (not as columns within a table) the events are fired normally.

the only event I receive within my table is an Input (sap.m) column with the event liveChange.

In the checkbox the "selected" property is bound to the corresponding column of my internal table.  I passed different values to it to check whether it is a data binding error: 'X' ' ' 'true' 'false'.

But still I won't receive the events. 

Can you help me?

Thanks in advance!



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Hi Thorsten

I have tested this scenario and I manage only to get liveChange event to trigger. The change event is not triggered at all. This must be due to objects inside the table.

I tried different ways to attach the Change event, but with no luck.


Ole Andre 

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