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sap.me.OverlapCalendar - browser hangs (startDate parameter)

Hi to all,

I encountered some issues using sap.me.OverlapCalendar control;

I bound a sap.me.OverlapCalendarEvent as described in article http://support.neptune-software.com/support/solutions/articles/130007-

with a proper date conversion from abap to string, but executing the app causes a browser crash/freeze.

Exploring an SAP example in https://sapui5.hana.ondemand.com/sdk/test-resources/sap/me/OverlapCalendar.html I noticed the control is instantiated in this way:

 var calendar = new sap.me.OverlapCalendar({

            showOverlapIndicator: false,

            startDate: "2013-05-02T02:00:00",


so it seems that startDate is a mandatory parameter for OverlapCalendar?

I solved with an oOverlapCalendar.setStartDate(mystartdateString) instruction in my "AjaxSuccess" event

Thank you


Hi Alessandro

Excellent work ! Now we know why the Overlap Calendar was hanging the browser.


Ole Andre 

glad to see it was a general issue...it wasn't me ..

"StartDate" isn't described as "obligatory" in SAPUI5 API control documentation...but now we know it is :-)



Hello, I'm trying to use the Overlap Calendar Event but is not clear how the dates have to be written and why the colors are not shown.

Any help?

Hi Bruno

The format for the binded data should be like this:

One tricky part with the overlapCalendar is the initialization, it needs the startDate. For our leaveRequest template we added this script in the App:


var date = new Date();



Ole Andre 

I did it, thank you :-)

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