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Installation of NAD 3.0 on SAP NW 7.31

Dear Neptuners!

When installing NAD 3.0 (your Demo) on a SAP NW 7.31, i noticed, that when launching the Designer, the HTML navigation bar to the far left does not show properly. Instead one gets the error message APPLID not found. Taking a deeper look into the URL decomposition reveals, that /NEPTUNE/HTTP_HANDLER->GET_APPLID() returns NAVIGATION. Table /NEPTUNE/APP and subsequent control tables however store /NEPTUNE/NAVIGATION as the APPLID.

Could you kindly please correct this (either in your customizing) or in the URL decomposition.

My regards and: This is good software! Congratulations!

Joern Brabandt


Thank you foe the great feedback. To be able to run the Navigation menu (new one) we have a blog about the requirements, it might help you out. If not you can try to start /NEPTUNE/SETTINGS and set user "old editor", then the navigation will change to SE80 look.

Link to Blog:



Ole Andre 

Dear Ole,

i am using SAPGUI 7.40 and the hosts file is tweaked correctly for a local installation with a well qualified domain name. That should not be the problem. Your blog only points on how to switch back to the old designer. The problem is the decomposition of the APPID versus what is then being looked up in table /neptune/app.

If /NEPTUNE/NAVIGATION/ is desired, the decomposition needs to happen differently.

Cheers Joern

Hi Joern

The parsing of APPLID should work fine. It does so in all our other installations (1000+). 

This is how it should be in GET_APPLID - parsing the right APPLID

If that is not the same in your system there must be some different setup. Have you changed /neptune node or created an alias in SICF ?

Please also check your /NEPTUNE/SETTINGS and make sure the preview URL are emtpy or correctly set to the right URL (example: https://template.neptune-software.com).


Ole Andre

Thanks Ole!

Did an install on a clean sandbox instance and it worked right away. Then corrected the main instance by comparing the two. Guess, the problem was due to upgrading from release 2.2 to release 3. SICF settings were incorrect.

Release 3 now works as desired.



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