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Search Helps


I attended a webinar this morning and I asked if you were implementing search helps. I was told you have a solution for this.

We have a number of desktop applications that we want to port from bsp to sapui5.

These bsp appications have search help functionality, implemented by custom tags and for our users to adopt a new version we need to implement search help functionality.

We want to use Neptune for more than just mobile.  We will have desktop specific applications that will not be executed in offline mode.and will be optimized for large screens.

I appreciate that you are advising mobile first, but this is not always best fit for us.  Can you supply me with the solution that you have.

Many thanks


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Great, looking forward to sp03, thanks Ole Andre

Hi Darren

You can use the sap.m.Input, then you get the valueHelpRequest event. 

But you need to get the F4 search help javascript into the App. You can do this in two ways.

1) Create an sap.m.valueHelp object and set to visible = false. Then Neptune will insert the F4 coding.

2) Or copy the /neptune/f4_search_help app javascript into your App. 


Ole Andre


if you need help with your applications I can support you.

I have created some applications now with Neptune and it is really easy to do this.

If you like you can contact me and we can check how I can support you,



Hi Darren,

For desktop applications, search helps defined in SE11 can be reused :


Best regards.


I'm a big proponent for making it easy for the user as well. Search helps are powerful, if used right. For non-power-user they tend to be intimitating and therefore not used at all. Concept I have in my mind: Use a standard search help, that can be defined with existing SAP know-how. For the user only present one input field. When searching with the input value actually use all fields present in the search help. This could work as a middle way between single field search and a total all-indexed Trex-or-other-engine search. Let's elaborate further. Max

did this worked for you?
I tried to use the search help. I can see the search dialog and do the search.
But if i try to select one entry and take it over to my field nothing happens.
Very strange.

Best regards,




when we are creating frontends for users who are familiar with SAP and it´s powerfull F4-search help i would think that we should use it.
If we are creating frontends for new users it could be a better way to use one field for searching, which means that we have to develop a much more intelligent code to make it work.
Anyway I think that the normal F4 has to work.




Hi Darren

Thank you for the feedback.

1) That is intended, since the manually input is disabled, and only valuehelprequest is allowed. Pressing the field will trigger the start of the F4 search help.

2) We experience the same problem. In support package 2 we will trigger the onChange event after the user selects a value. 


Ole Andre

Hi Ole-André

This is nearly working, the dialog is now opening correctly and showing the search help MAT1,  but I can't get a result back. I get a javascript error.

I created a valuehelp object and set visible to false.

I declared gt_seltab type neptune/range_tab on my application class.

I created a sap.m.list called listValueHelp and set the model to gt_seltab.

In the event handler of the inputfiled I placed the following code.



if (modelF4tabSelection.oData.length) {

    F4ButSelection.setText("Conditions (" + modelF4tabSelection.oData.length + ")");

} else {

    F4ButSelection.setText("Conditions (0)");



F4toolResultLabel.setText("Items (0)");






F4App.to("F4PageSelection", "show");


I am getting the following error

SCRIPT5007: Unable to get property 'setData' of undefined or null reference

zui5_webforms.html, line 796 character 13


Can you give me some indication of what I am doing incorrectly

This is the final piece I require for a project go live.

Many thanks


Hi Darren The gt_seltab needs to be bound to the sap.m.Input object, not the list. The selection will fail, since the coding will use the modelobject of the input field. Regards Ole Andre

Any chance of getting a pre-release version of this in our system ?

Hi Ole-André 

I am really confused now. How do i bind gt_Seltab to the sap.m.Input ?

I can't see a model object on the sap.m.inputfield so don't have any idea how to bind it.

Is this the line that binds the model




Hi Darren

There is still a lot development ongoing for the next release, so it's not possible to create and support a pre-release for now. Really sorry for that.

NAD 3.1 SP01 will be available in the end of June. 


Ole Andre 

No problem, thanks anyway.

Hi Darren

That will not be that easy. More to consider apparently. 

You can try to Add the following to the sap.m.Input - in this example named inDEBI. That will create a model for it. Then you will struggle with sending all this data back again to SAP. 

var modelinDEBI = new sap.ui.model.json.JSONModel(); 


Is there any possibility to create two sap.m.ValueHelp and use the visibility true/false for the right conditions ? That would leave you with very little javascript coding and still possible to use binding and send data to SAP the standard way.


Ole Andre 

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