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Search Helps


I attended a webinar this morning and I asked if you were implementing search helps. I was told you have a solution for this.

We have a number of desktop applications that we want to port from bsp to sapui5.

These bsp appications have search help functionality, implemented by custom tags and for our users to adopt a new version we need to implement search help functionality.

We want to use Neptune for more than just mobile.  We will have desktop specific applications that will not be executed in offline mode.and will be optimized for large screens.

I appreciate that you are advising mobile first, but this is not always best fit for us.  Can you supply me with the solution that you have.

Many thanks


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if you need help with your applications I can support you.

I have created some applications now with Neptune and it is really easy to do this.

If you like you can contact me and we can check how I can support you,



Hi Darren,

For desktop applications, search helps defined in SE11 can be reused :


Best regards.



did this worked for you?
I tried to use the search help. I can see the search dialog and do the search.
But if i try to select one entry and take it over to my field nothing happens.
Very strange.

Best regards,



Hi Mathias,

To make it work, I think you need a bit of JavaScript in the Change event, normally :


should contain the model data of the line you have selected and you place the content in the input field through method : oValueHelpField.setValue().

Best regards.



I would actually ask a question about the Search Help approach. This is something we have been discussing for a long time. And our F4 search help today is ok, but not completely 100% perfect for full SAP alignment. 


For the developers it would be nice just to enter a search help and the job is done. But for the end-user, is this the right approach ? Today the end-users are very used to google search, only one field getting all the information you want. Is that a better end-user experience instead of the complex search help from SAP ? Several fields etc ? 

Disclaimer: I really like the power of search helps and the flexibility, but this have been my work for 20 years so I do understand it. Do a new SAP user understand it ?

All answers appreciated.


Ole Andre 

I'm a big proponent for making it easy for the user as well. Search helps are powerful, if used right. For non-power-user they tend to be intimitating and therefore not used at all. Concept I have in my mind: Use a standard search help, that can be defined with existing SAP know-how. For the user only present one input field. When searching with the input value actually use all fields present in the search help. This could work as a middle way between single field search and a total all-indexed Trex-or-other-engine search. Let's elaborate further. Max

For me, search helps are a must.  From a development point of view, they cut down on my coding and also allow me to create dynamic programs with screens that can be generated at run time rather than design time.  

In my organisation, new sap users use the same tools as those that are here a lot longer.  They also tend to be trained by us fossils.  Va01 has not changed in the 15 years that  I am using sap.

Not all users are mobile users.  In my organisation all users are portal users with a subset using mobile. This is increasing but portal and desktop is and will be the biggest segment in our organisation.

Desktop users that want a better ux experience are looking for simplified versions of sap screens, with better process flow, better screen layout, but like search helps. 

Whether you agree or not, in my experience Sap users are used to, and expect search help functionality.  I have been developing bsp, jquerymobile etc for many years, and one question that keeps coming up from functional analysts is "can we have this field exactly as is in Sap i.e. with search help.   

If it can be implemented, why not implement it.  It is another tool that we as developers will be able to use, if required.  Granted, it does not make sense for offline applications, but for online web apps it certainly does.

I had to implement search helps in bsp for online applications

I had to implement search helps in Jquery Mobile for online applications.

I will have to implement search helps for ui5.

Here is a good post on a search help widget



Search helps make life easier for developer and end user.

Not all users are mobile users, in my organisation all users are ECC dynpro and portal users that are used to web dynpro, so they expect search helps.

New sap users are still using VA01, MIGO etc all old tech that has not been developed in many years.

These users are looking for a better user experience, and UI5, in particular, the sap.m library, is one way we can deliver this.  

I agree with Maximilian, that a standard search help with one input field would be a good approach, I see ranges as clutter and more appropriate to report input screens.  

Granted, search helps make no sense for offline applications.  

I would see 

I have had to implement search helps in bsp.

I have had to impement search helps in Jquery Mobile

I will have to do the same for UI5.

Have a look at this post on scn, this is what I use for jquery mobile




when we are creating frontends for users who are familiar with SAP and it´s powerfull F4-search help i would think that we should use it.
If we are creating frontends for new users it could be a better way to use one field for searching, which means that we have to develop a much more intelligent code to make it work.
Anyway I think that the normal F4 has to work.




Any chance of getting a pre-release version of this in our system ?

Hi Darren

There is still a lot development ongoing for the next release, so it's not possible to create and support a pre-release for now. Really sorry for that.

NAD 3.1 SP01 will be available in the end of June. 


Ole Andre 

No problem, thanks anyway.

Hi Darren

Been updating the search help the last days. Can you do a new check and see if all your requirements are met ?

  • Added caching possibility. Select some entries, and refresh your page and it will be remembered. 
  • Added select all/none
  • Added support for mobile apps
  • Some bug fixing


Thank you.


Ole Andre

Hi Ole Andre

I had a test there and it is looking really good.

1. Can multi select be turned on /off ?

2. When selecting a material I would expect to see the material number returned to the input box, but I am getting "Selected items 1", this is probably related to multi select.

3. The value state is not working on the demo, so could not test that..

4. Can caching be turned on/off ?

Looks and behaves great, included search helps are working as expected, looking forward to SP01

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