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NAD 3.1 Released

We are proud to release the 3.1 version of Neptune Application Designer. 

Spesial thanks goes to the following people for assisting with development and testing:


Thorsten Wolf - Xaption

Naga Prakash - MicroExcel 

Nicolay Aarstad Wildhagen - S5

Major improvements

  • Updated the SAPUI5 framework to 1.26.3
  • Improved Neptune Application Management


New version control and enhanced build functions


 Auto update for Android and iOS apps

              Support for custom role based menu app for better customization

  • Application Class improvements
   o Binding of inherited public attributes is now possible. This enables new backend concepts when building hierarchical application class structures (ABAP OO inheritance) for centralizing ABAP coding and public class attributes across multiple Neptune apps.

   o The typing of public attributes in the application class can now be defined locally in the class itself. The need to create DDIC structures and table types in order to bind those attributes to UI5 components is therefore discontinued.

   o Public attributes whose typing refer to an unstructured table type can now be used for binding.

  • New UI5 element documentation through the Neptune Explored solution

       o Dynamic documentation of attributes
       o Samples with option to download UI as xml and backend coding

       o Neptune Explored 

  • Automatic setting of default properties of UI5 elements in the designer
  • Better Push Notification support with easy setup in NAM and easy-to-use test functionality

New features and fixes

      · New UI5 objects

     o sap.m.SelectList

     o sap.m.NavContainer

     o sap.suite.ui.commons.ProcessFlow

     o sap.m.RadioButtonGroup

     o sap.ui.layout.SplitterLayoutData

     o sap.ui.layout.Splitter

     o sap.ui.layout.FixFlex

     o sap.m.ToolbarSeparator

       · Possibility to build without UI5 library in NAM to increase build speed

       · Several fixes to the AppCache script used for building hybrid apps

       · Translation field increased from 40 to 100 characters

       · Generation of Neptune Client URL (URL Schema) with auto configuration for the Neptune Clients

       · Build and export for non-Unicode systems support improved

       · Added property: styleClass in NAD for setting display/hide visibility for phone/tablet/desktop

       · Manifest reintroduced in NAD

       · PDFView updated to v.1.0.1040 and improved

       · Added sap client in NAM authentication tab 

In the meantime SP02 got release, download this release:


Page not found error displaying on above given link..

You can download from this link:


Hi ,

how can i download the new version?


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