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SAP.VIZ Pie Event select

 Hey :o)

I'm trying out the Pie char (Complex).

I just set it up with a 2 record data table.

Value_X   Value

1000       1000

1020       2000

gives this chart:

I Then want to get the value from selection. using this java script.

// Retrieve the value for the chart
var data = oEvent.getParameter("data");
var value = data[0].data[0].val;

However it's not the value I want!, I want the CC, in this case 1020. Is this possible, and how ? I'm no java script expert :/

Hi Ole,

I've tried inserted the snipet as you mentioned, However when I run the app, I get this error from debugger in chrome.

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'dimValueObjects' of undefined

Any idea ?

Hi Henrik

The viz objects are a bit complex to use to get values from Dimension and Measures.

You can try this coding:


var data = oEvent.getParameter("data");
var value = data[0].target.__data__.dimValueObjects[0].val;




Ole Andre 

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