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Updating Data Model

Hi there,


I have a few fields which I have bound to a model. The values are pulling through correctly to all my fields but as soon as I modify them the new values are not updated when they get into SAP(the old values are still displaying). Am I missing something?

Hi Shireen.

When you use the getOnline<object> function, there is an AJAX_ID + a button to the right. Press it. There you will find a tabel with all the possible models and checkbox for Sending/receiving option. 

Sending = Sending data from the client to SAP

Receiving = Getting data from SAP to the device

Can you check if that might be the problem ?

I can also recommend you using the new Neptune Explored solution to help out the development. Will provide you with a lot of examples, web version of Neptune Application Designer + View of Application Class etc.



Ole Andre 

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Hi Ole-André,

Thank you, this link is very helpful. Managed to find the issue. I had two models bound to the same structure and it seemed to be over writing the changes i was making.

Kind Regards,


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