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Offline Sales Order


I have had a look at your sales order create template and it is really nice.  This template would suite our organisation as it follows the CRM Telesales/Lord approach i.e. select customer->create-order_type->fill-header->fill-items->post.  What the template does not have is pricing.

In your experience with other customers, have you implemented anything around pricing, especially offline ?  We are looking at a project that requires offline sales order creation, but we require a pricing model as well.

Have you any suggestions or previous implementations/lessons around offline pricing

Many thanks


Hi Darren

We used our SD Template for an offline solution also required pricing conditions, actually completed this week. So yes, this is quite doable. In offline mode the conditions will be applied depending on the criteria, MATNR,KUNNR,MATKL etc. 

Atm we have not implemented that into our SD Template, but will consider doing that later this year. 


Ole Andre 

Thanks Ole Andre... We are looking to do this in the coming months.  One of our business units wants a solution in place by June ( ? ).  Would we be able to chat over the next couple of weeks to talk through what you have implemented ?


I think with your current template, plus the pricing your offline solution would be a perfect fit for us.





Hi, where I can find the application mentioned in this thread? I'd like to try it,

Thank you.

Hi Enrico,

The SD template in Offline is not yet available. However as a partner you have probably a demo system that has the Neptune App Store, in there you can find the SD app mentioned without the Offline part.

Is this for a customer case you are working on? If yes, email me so that I can help you handle it.



Hi Helder,

yes, is for a customer case. I've sent you an email yesterday.

Please let me know.

Thank you

Right! Just answered that one.

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