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Tables: Select Multiple Items

Hi there,

I have a table with the property of MultiSelect. I need to now get the values of all items selected. When using:

oTable.getSelectedItems( ) 

I can see it returns the selected items but no details. I need the data stored in the selected array objects.


Any advise?

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Hi Shireen,

this Code should help:

var itemsSelected = yourTable.getSelectedItems();

for (i=0; i<itemsSelected.length; i++){

var item = itemsSelected[i];

var context = item.getBindingContext();

var value = context.getProperty("yourField");

// Do something


If you right-click in our JavaScript Editor, you will find this and other helpful code snippets. The above code can be found under SAPUI5 - List/Table Mobile - Get Multiselection.

Best regards


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