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Tables: Adding New Rows

Hi there,

I have created a table which i would like to have the functionality of adding and deleting rows. I have managed to build in logic to delete selected rows:

var sItems = oTable.getSelectedItems();

var model = oTable.getModel();

var data = model.getData();

if (sItems.length === 0) {

    // Use MessageToast


    sap.m.MessageToast.show("Please select row to delete");


} else {

    // for ( var i = 0; i < sItems.length; i++) {

    for (var i = sItems.length - 1; i >= 0; i--) {

        path = sItems[i].getBindingContext().getPath();

        var idx = parseInt(path.substring(path.lastIndexOf('/') + 1));

        data.splice(idx, 1);





Is there a way/method to add records to my table from the App?

Thank you.

Hi Shiren

My suggestion is using ModelData object so you can more easy Update/Add/Delete records from the models. All objects with binded data will have the modelobject like model<objectName>.


// Delete Selected Rows
// Use your Key Field instead of CONNID
var oSelectedItems = oTable.getSelectedItems();
$.each(oSelectedItems, function(i, data) {
    var context = data.getBindingContext();
    var value = context.getProperty("CONNID");
    ModelData.Delete(oTable, "CONNID", value);

// Add New Row
var newRec = {};
newRec.CONNID = '0020';
ModelData.Add(oTable, "CONNID", newRec);



Ole Andre 

Thank you Ole-André,

When updating fields in a table, does it follow a similar principal?

var newRec = {};

newRec.VAT = val;

ModelData.UpdateField(oTable, "VAT", newRec);

Thank you for your assistance.

Hi Shireen

When updating single fields in a table you need to use the following syntax - and only updating for existing records in the table, not adding new record.


// obj = FieldName of you object with binded model (in the designer)
// keyField = FieldName of your key in the model
// keyValue = FieldValue of your key in the model
// updField = FieldName of your update field in the model
// updValue = FieldValue of your update field in the model

// Add Data

// Store to Cache if needed
// Use Neptune function setCache<objectName>


This help is from our Javascript Helpers. In the javascript editor, rightclick and SAPUI5->Offline and select it.


Ole Andre 

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