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Table with Input inside with Value Help


I'm being crazy trying to create a Table element with an input in each row that can be updated using a value help.

My question is that valuehelp opened in a new screen and in CONFIRM event I'm not able to return value. My understanding is that INPUT ID is not unique because there are one instance for each row (ID1, ID2...).

Could you explain how can I solve this issue?

Thank you and regards


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Hi Alessandro

The solution is actually quite easy. 

1) Declare a global variable: var objSelected;

2) On the valueHelpRequest event: objSelected = this;

3) On the confirm event for the selectDialog, get the value of the selected item then use: objSelected.setValue(value);  

And the correct input field in the table should be updated.


Ole Andre 

Thank you very much. 

Now it works, I was trying to set variable directly with the name. 

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