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Bug with persisting Local Storage in the newest Android release: 5.0 M42

There seems to be a bug in the newest Android System WebView version M42 that has impact on Neptune Applications.



The bug removes persistence to local storage when you exit the app. 

This affects the logon application and the Pin Code logon no longer functions properly (The user needs to Authenticate each time)

We are working very hard on a work-around / Fix and will notify you once this is in place.


Njål Stabell


Hi Njål,

We've experienced the same on a Samsung Galaxy S4 with Android 5.0.1.
Is there already a solution on the issue?



Hi Markus

There is now a new WebView and it should have been fixed from Google.

If you still experience this problem, can you cheeck what version of WebView the device is running ?

The actual problem was late commit in the WebView.


Ole Andre 

Hi Ole Andre,

I've update WebView from 42.0.2311.137 to 42.0.2311.138. Now it works fine.

Thank you,


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