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How to send back data to SAP back-end

Hi , 

I have one page where i have three text fields , i need to send the data back to sap where it will validate an return the entry in the internal field . 

How we will proceed for this . 

Kindly provide anything in detail if possible . 



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Hi Ashutosh,

I think the best way is to have a look at this video: 


Basically you can connect any structure or internal table that is public to and from the server. You can also use multiple "models" to either send or receive from the SAP server.

In your case I would have used a simple form bound it to a structure and use the wizard (Right click on the simple form) and add the fields from the structure to the form. You can then check both the send and receive model so you can validate in the backend.

You can also search for the Webinar app in the Samples in the explored solution and view how it was created there:


Hope that helps


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