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Configurable Branding


Would it be possible to include configuration to allow for a company logo to inserted in the header bar of the NEPTUNE_APPCACHE_MENU application.  This should be configurable from the NAM when an application bundle  is created, same as txtPageHeader is bound to GV_PAGE_MENU-TXT_HEADER.

It would also be nice on the pin screen.

I know I can make my own versions of NEPTUNE_APPCACHE_MENU etc, but I would prefer not to do this as I would have to regression test these applications every time a new version of Neptune is released.

The icon would look similar to the Neptune icon in the Nam application.


Hi Darren

You can copy the NEPTUNE_APPCACHE_MENU to your own menu, (avoid the name: neptune_appcache). Now you can change everything in the Menu :-)

Then you can use the new Menu page in the Bundle App. 


Ole Andre 

HI Ole Andre

Thanks for the reply, but this is exactly what I would like to avoid.  We have policies regarding copying sap standard programs and neptune software will fit into these policies.  We shouldn't have to copy standard framework applications and classes etc to brand an application.  This causes us headache when it comes to upgrades.



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