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Ampersand in XML

Hi Guys

I just learned an important lesson:

If you are building a bundle app to export to Phonegap, don’t use the ampersand anywhere in your titles or descriptions, e.g.


When Neptune builds the .zip file for export to Phonegap, it will build the config.xml file with a line as you see below:

<description>Ciro Walk-In Sales & Repairs</description>

Now the ampersand is an escape character in XML, so this effectively messes up the XML syntax, and you won’t be able to load it into Phonegap. You will get a "malformed config.xml"

You can make a trick to escape it, but my suggestion is to just use "and".

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Hi Duncan

Than you for sharing this information with us. Was not aware of the effect, so really great.


Ole Andre 

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