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Web App with Portal Identification

Hi Folks

Is it possible to run a web app with the portal logon identification method ?

We have some web apps that we want to bundle, but our users don't have passwords.

When I create a bundle in name and select web app only it disables portal logon as an option.


Hi Darren

You can embedd Neptune Apps directly into your SAP Enterprise Portal. Just create an iView like WebDynpro/BSP and you can use the portal logon.


Ole Andre 

What about passing parameters? In iview we can specify some parameters we want to pass to the app. Is it possible to somehow access them in the app? This is possible in webdynpro.

Hi Jurijs

There is two options to embedd Neptune Apps into Portal.

As a end-user you start by loggin on to the portal -> no need for further authentication for Neptune/BSP/WebDynpro Apps.

1) Single App: Use the URL <server>:/neptune/yourappName as the iView - like BSP/WebDynpro

2) Bundle App from NAM (Launchpad): - Then you do not need to setup logon again in NAM - since you already are logged on. The preview URL you have from NAM when you run it - use that in the portal iview.

Should be straight forward.


Ole Andre 

Thanks for reply. Yes it's clear for me. What I'm now wondering is that for example I want to pass a parameter from iView to the app. Based on this parameter the app should look differently. How can I read parameters in the app then?

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