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NAD 3.1 SP01 Released

Major Changes 

  • NAD - New and Updated F4 Search Help. Complete new redesign, working for desktop, tablet and mobile. 
  • NAD - Desktop PDFViewer implemented 
  • Mobile - New remote debug feature. Enabled by Neptune Application Monitor and possible to view javascript errors and console.log on the mobile device. The information is visible on the device and in Neptune Application Monitor. 
  • Mobile - New Offline database AppSync framework for large databases. Tested on iOS, Android and WinPhone 8.1/10 
  • Mobile - Improved Role Based Menu with configuration option for the end-user. Changed from StandardTiles to GenericTiles to avoid animation and more list options. 
  • Mobile - Updated phonegap support to cli-5.1.1 - http://phonegap.com/blog/2015/06/16/phonegap-updated-on-build/ 
  • NAM - Possible to set custom theme in Bundle App. No need to copy neptune_appcache 
  • NAM - Possible to write custom config.xml entries 
  • NAD - New Formatters implemented: 
  1.  number:SAPUserDefaul
  2.  date:SAPUserDefault 
  3.  number:BrowserSetting 
  4.  date:BrowserSetting 
  5.  time:BrowserSetting 

  • Mobile - Enabled exit button on role based menu for winphone 
  • Mobile - new custom functions to add in your Application to handle phonegap events: onBackButtonCustom, onMenuButtonCustom, onOnlineCustom, onOfflineCustom, onPauseCustom, onResumeCustom 

Minor Changes

  • NAD - Pretty Printer - Wraps code after app. 230 Chars  
  • NAD - Translation now possible up to 100 chars 
  • NAD - Designer will autosize for smaller screens (width of 1024 and 1280) 
  • NAD - ModelData script included in the Application as default 
  • NAD - Added toolbar functionality for the Javascript editor so rightclick is not needed. Will be welcome for all developers running Mac 
  • NAD - PDFViewer updated to 1.1.3 
  • NAD - Code Snippets displayed on for the Application library. UI5 Code snippets will not be displayed on JQM Apps 
  • NAD - prevent back navigation in javascript editor 
  • NAM - New UI5 Icon Explorer. Running on your system to get icons from right UI5 version 
  • Catalog - Mobile Installation on iOS with other client than default is now possible 
  • Mobile - Role based menu using default UI5 icon color to not override custom theme 
  • Mobile - Logon App/Pin Code App/Role based menu App translated from English (default) to German, Norwegian 

Bug Fixes

  • NAD - Conversion Exit error check when using dictionary fields in select,dropbox, combobox, autocomplete 
  • NAD - sap.viz - Column chart missing implementation for Title property 
  • NAD - Javascript Editor - Problems when not setting theme for editor. Now defaulted to Chrome theme 
  • NAD - MIME Repository button in display mode now displayed 
  • NAD - Search & Replace javascript - Longer strings allowed 
  • NAD - Binding browser reading last label in structure/tables was wrong 
  • NAD - Better check on "not allowed" Neptune Applications to change  
  • NAD - ModelData.UpdateArray and ModelData.AddArray improved performance 
  • NAD - CSS sometimes not generated 
  • NAC - Using different client on iOS will now work 
  • NAM - Sort key for Role based Menu larger than 10 sorted wrong 
  • NAB - Dump error when navigating to NAD 
  • Mobile - No display of "No connection" when running in offline mode 
  • Mobile - FileUploader now works on mobile devices 
  • Mobile - SQLite Database on WinPhone did not open correct 
  • Mobile - AppCache Monitor is now faster when displaying larger offline dataset 
  • Mobile - Removing username space chars when logging on. Could cause wrong Pin Code 
  • Server - Allow duplicate IDs for UI5 Applications 
  • Server - Updated server_set_field_label to handle new binding syntax 
  • NAD - Syntax check enhanced with more checks 
  • NAD - Translation, removed fields not needed to translate 

Download Here


Neptune Team

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Hi André,

The "New remote debug feature" looks very promising ! will it be possible to have a wiki post for guidance please ? thanks a lot. Happy to test as well the new search help and other cool features announced :-)

Best regards.


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