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Windows Phone build

Hi All

I am trying to build a windows phone app for deployment.  I have created the build, downloaded the windows zip file, extracted the files and made all the changes in visual studio.

I am somewhat confused as to what to do then.  What do I need to zip up to pass it to phonegap ?  Do I just copy back the default.html file ?

Also, I am developing for ios and windows phone.  So I now have two bundle app builds, one for ios and one for windows, both have a separate zip files.

I am assuming that I can add the windows files necessary to the ios zip file and upload them to phonegap, is this the case ?

Many thanks


Hi Darren If its for windows phone, you can use build.phonegap.com and build the installation file for windows phone. No need to use visual studio for windows phone. Should be easy. Regards Ole Andre

Hi Ole-André

Thanks, I obviously read the Application Management documentation incorrectly.

So, I just export the bundle app to phonegap, and it takes care of the rest.



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