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blank white page in transaction /NEPTUNE/ADMIN

Dear Friends,

when I start transaction /NEPTUNE/ADMIN I get a blank white page instead of the admin page. The preview in the browser works fine, only the preview in SAP GUI does not work.

Does anybody has any idea?


Best regards,


Hi Daniel What version of internet explorer do you have ? And sapgui version ? I would recommend ie10+ and sapgui 7.30 patch 10+ or 7.40 patch 2+ Can you also check the preview url and see if that is started correctly and that your pc knows the url. Start Neptune Application Designer, enter /NEPTUNE/ADMIN and press run in browser. Will the url start correctly? Regards Ole Andre

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Hi Ole,

my SAPGui Version is 7.40 with patchlevel 3. I tried with IE 11.0.9600 and Google Chrome. 

Yes, preview in browser works : http://url...:8000/neptune//neptune/admin.html?sap-client=800

The problem was in transaction STRUST. I deleted some entries in System PSE. Now it works fine. 

I run the html test program too: SA38 -> SAPHTML_SSO_DEMO. Message is "Server successfully reached.". 

Thanks :-)

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