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authorization in app


i have an app with start page of 4 buttons. This buttons refer to an other App.

Now i have to give an authorization to user, because not all are allowed to go in Button 3 for example. 

Is there any way to manage this? Can i query the sap logon username anywhere and can say: this user is allowed and this not?

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Hi Michael

In Neptune Application Management we have the role based menu, providing access only to Apps you have the right policy for. 

If you would like to give access to different buttons inside the App, I recommend binding the enabled or visible button to a sctructure. When you start the App, it will trigger a request to SAP and filling the values for true/false based on the users right. If you bind the structure to the page, you can set initLoad to Online and set an Ajax_id for it.



Ole Andre 

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