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Portal authentication

Hi all,

I have setup the portal authentication as desribed in the docs (https://template.neptune-software.com/neptune/sdk/explored#doc00163EDC99661EE4B4A718D16F8039E9) using an appintegrator-iView (http://scn.sap.com/community/enterprise-portal/blog/2012/05/14/iview-with-dynamic-parameters-in-url-for-netweaver-portal-73 ).

Problem now is, that I get a CORS error when starting the app

How can I set the Access-Control-Allow-Origin Header for the iView?



Hi Ole,

unfortunately this does not help.

The error message ist referring to the portal resource, so the header is obviously missing when loading the iView:

So we somehow need to add the header to the portal iView.

I assume this will not be a problem when deploying the appcache in a conatiner, as the origin is local then.

But it's still a problem when starting the bundle app in the browser because then it's served directly from the ABAP-system and not the portal or local URL.

Any ideas how to add a header to the iView?

Best regards,


Hi Johannes

Can you try to enhance the Class: /neptune/http_handler - Method:  SEND_HTML_RESPONSE

Add the following code:

server->response->set_header_field( name = 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin'

                                    value = '*' ).


Ole Andre

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