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How to make the cells of a column editable when a button is clicked


I have a requirement where a table is first displayed with 4 columns ( all the columns in display mode) but when a button is clicked I want the last column to be enabled.

How to achieve this?

Hi Rahul,

you could use a sap.m.Input control with property: editable=false.

On your button press event:



Best regards


Hi Christoph,

Thanks for your reply.

However, the solution would not work as this is not a single field. These are individual cells of a column of a table that I want to enable/disable on a click of a button.



Hi Rahul

If you are using a table, please also add a field you can bind to the enable property. When pressing the button to edit, update the model data and set enable to true. Use this example script to set a field named ENABLED to true:


$.each(modeltabCustomer.oData, function (i, data) {
    data.ENABLED = true;



the table is called tabCustomer and then you can work with the model object modeltabCustomer


Ole Andre

Tusen Takk Ole Andre...The code works like a charm...:)

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