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SICF Service Sub Node without Login Popup

 Hi everyone,

i'm facing a problem with ICF SubNodes for Neptune Applications.

I've created a Service in SICF as a subnode of /neptune/ with maintained Login Credentials, when calling the URL from IE or Firefox, the login prompt comes up.

When clicking "Cancel" on the credential prompt, the Application starts with the maintained user and password.

Is there a way to remove the prompt?

Service configuration is as follows:

Username, password, client and language are set in Logon Data fields.

Is there a "How To" documentation or anyone who could give me a hint on how to maintain the service for Login without authentication prompt?

Thank you in advance.

All the best,

David LeClair

Hi David 

The logon prompt is for accessing ui5 library. 

In addition to your custom sicf node, you also need to create two more nodes as child to /neptune 


Then you will not be asked for logon info. You also need to go to settings in your app to allow it to run under your custom node. 

Ole Andre

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I'm trying to setup this as well as automatic logo but can't make it work.

Any how to as it was requested before?

Hi everyone,

please have a look at Neptune Explored article 'How to run App in public ICF node'




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