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Simpleform Select element not renedered with an id


I am building an application and I need to list all form elements and enable and disable them from javascript.

The problem that i am having is that the Select element is getting rendered without an id, so I can't reference it from javascript e.g. sap.ui.getCore().byId(res[0]);  The div seems to get the name.

The following code is used to enable and disable the elements.  This is stored in a global javascript include that is shared between a lot of applications.

$('#MainForm :input').each(function() {

      if (this.id.indexOf('inMainForm') > -1){

        var res = this.id.split("-");

        if (res.length > 0){

          var theField = sap.ui.getCore().byId(res[0]);

          if (typeof theField != 'undefined') {






Any ideas.

I can't bind the enabeld property, it has to be done from javascript.



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I was able to solve this by getting the parent node i.e. the div that the select is wrapped in.

  if (this.tagName == 'SELECT'){

    elemId = this.parentNode.id;

    if (elemId.indexOf('inMainForm') > -1){







It is strange that the actual select element does not get an id.

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