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Neptune Client on ipad


We created a couple of apps and configured both of them on iPad Neptune client. My question is - How to switch between apps without having to close and reopen the app? Currently we use the name of the app directly in the 'Start App' field. 

Also, how does the PIN code work. Does it have any persistent impact on the Neptune Configuration or it caches it only while the app is running.

Please point to documentations explaining the same.

Hi Sujay

I suggest you use NAM and create a Bundle app with role based menu. Then you can manage the apps you would like to make available to your users. It is also possible to use SAP roles to give access to your user by defining a Policy in NAM.




Ole Andre

Hi Ole Andre,

We are using the Neptune Client App for Apple from the appstore, we are not using the build and phonegap to deploy to the iPad. Any suggestions on how to bundle in this scenario?


Hi Sujay

You can still use the Neptune Client App. In the settings, enable the role based menu and set your bundle app ID. Then you can use NAM to assign the menu you would like to include. 

Remember to set your bundle app to use role based menu.


Ole Andre 

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