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NAD 3.1 SP02 Released

Dear all developers and end-user

Neptune Application Designer 3.1 Support Package 2 is now available. It contains some nice new features, and a few bug fixes.

For this release we decided to enhance the Neptune Client look and feel. New PinCode app with animation and vibration on wrong code, role based menu now fix two columns on iPhone4/5, offline icon also on the logon screen. All logon screen changed to page layout with the result of much better user-experience.

Javascript editor theme change inside Neptune Application Designer.

And the best part: Added Category possibility on menu items, and redesigned our menu to look even better.

No big deal to upgrade from NAD 3.1 or NAD 3.1 SP01, all backwards compatible with some nice new features.

NAD - Neptune Application Designer

NAM - Neptune Application Management

NAS - Neptune Application Server


  • NAD - Theme import - changed plugin_id to always uppercase 
  • NAD - Insert javascript helpers without typing anything else -> not saved 
  • NAD - Wrong URL for Icon Browser with some settings 
  • NAD - Adjusted Import XML method to support old non-unicode systems 
  • NAD - Adjusted Import XML method to fix missing data in some cases 
  • NAD - Wizards - Now with field type selection 
  • NAD - missing trigger of cacheInitLoadFinished 
  • NAD - Unable to add new <script> entries with new editor - only old editor 
  • NAD - Change editor theme in NAD 
  • NAD - Do not generate Application Cache Manifest if only empty lines are present 
  • NAD - Language in UI5 will be set to requested language in Neptune 
  • F4 - trigger event change when selection is made in dialog 
  • F4 - fixed issue with formatter 
  • F4 - date fields in result list now formatted to users SAP default date format 
  • F4 - single select mode allow manual entry in input field 
  • F4 - Search fields now uses both normal value and uppercase value 
  • F4 - Input fields layout using sort field value in SAP 
  • NAS - sap.m.List/Table - First column translation copied to HeaderText 
  • NAS - sap.m.SplitApp - changed AppDestroy script 
  • NAS - All date parsing to JSON change init value to space to prevent default UI5 date 01.12.1969. Structure and Table 
  • NAS - Boolean data type also convert x/space -> true/false  
  • NAS - Housekeeping - Delete log entries - New program - /NEPTUNE/DELETE_LOG_ENTRIES 
  • NAS - ModelData-3.0.js only rendered out for UI5 Apps 
  • NAS - /neptune/webapp/* - New base URL for handling desktop logon routine with password change option 
  • NAS - styleClass - now initialize faster to apply custom style  
  • NAS - OpenDatabase statement will not be active if enableCache is not set to true in some of the objects. Will prevent safari databasemessage for online apps 
  • NAM - Wrong counter number for Category 
  • NAM - Larger column size for Bundle ID name in Bundle List 
  • NAM - Cosmetic css change for start menu - font size and hover coloring 
  • NAM - Category Introduced on Menu Items, also possible to translate 
  • NAM - Selecting menu to Bundle app only display menu not already selected 
  • NAM - Changed media folder to /neptune/public to be able to install iOS from catalog with no user logon. Set default username/password on /neptune/public 
  • NAM - AutoUpdate - Added SAP Client number for iOS update 
  • Monitor - Cosmetic css change for start menu - font size and hover coloring 
  • Monitor - User counting now checks user info if exist or in validity period 
  • AppCache - Possible to use special characters like % in users password and password change 
  • AppCache - New logon screens and Pin Code App with better user experience 
  • AppCache - Introduced AppCache.Home(); method that will always bring the user to the start of the menu. Not the subMenu. 
  • AppCache - From pinCode screen always start at top menu. Not the subMenu. 
  • AppCache - From pinCode screen start a timeOut for 10 sec. If network timeOut occurs -> navigate to StartApp
  • AppCache Menu - Get username information when PIN Code is disabled 
  • AppCache Menu - Category sorting of tiles/list 
  • AppCache Menu - Possible to save global cache for menu items to update counters in offline mode 
  • AppCache Menu - Cosmetic css change for start menu - font size and hover coloring 
  • Offline DB - Auto handling of true/false using DDBOOLD or BOOLEAN type.  
  • Offline DB - ModelData.FindDB also introduced custom callBack function for correct timing after search is done 

Enjoy !

Download Here

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Hi Dirk

I added the download link into my post. Much more easy :-)


Ole Andre

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I downloaded the content and tried to upload through SAINT, but it's not uploading.

After decompress getting "File nad310sp02.sar sent, decompressed, and then deleted" message, but it's not displaying in queue.

Using SAP Netweaver 750 version.



Awesome new features.. !


How can i download?

Hi Julian.

I had the same problem as Praveer.

I uploaded the files with TCode SPAM, but it seems that I still have the old Neptune version:

           NEPTUNE 220_700 Neptune Application Designer Component Supp. Pkg. 

Can you give me a tip? :)

Thanks & regards,


Hi Joana,

Are you trying to install (upgrade to) Neptune UXP 4.0 ?

If the answer is yes, then you need to use transaction SAINT, and follow the instructions in the PDF installation file.

Please do not forget to perform the installation on client 000.

Hope it is cleared now, otherwise just let me know.  Kind regards,


Hi Praveer,

First you must ensure NAD 3.1 is installed using transaction SAINT.

Afterwards, you must install SP02 using transaction SPAM.

You will find detailed installation / upgrade instructions on PDF format in each release.

Kind regards,


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