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Focus on combo box


I have a scenario, where in I have 3 Combo box and each combo box on CHANGE event validates if the user input is valid. If there is a invalid entry an error message is displayed. All 3 combo boxes use a common Dialog box to display error.

In AjaxSuccess event, I check if there is an error encountered, if so then I call function Element.focus(); and then call the Dialog box to display error.

My issue here is after the dialog box is closed, function focus() doesn't not work. I don't see the focus on the combo box which encountered error. I have tried Timeout up until 3000 with focus funtion.

Pleas Help.

Thanks for your help Ole Andre. It worked.

Hi Leena

Whan you close the dialogbox, this is the place where you have the focus ? 

if you have the focus before the dialog is openend it will not help. It needs to be on the closing of the dialogbox. 

You can also change the state of the combobox the Error and it will be marked red, to visualize the error for the end-user.


Ole Andre 

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