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Initial Page From Bundle

Hi All.

It's possible start a Bundle App with Neptune Client with a custom application before loading NEPTUNE_APPCACHE_MENU application?

I have tried using a custom App in my Application bundle at Menu Application entry:

It works on browser (IE,Chrome, desktop and device) but not in Neptune Client (it's open directly NEPTUNE_APPCACHE_MENU).

I have found than into browser i have AppCache.StartApp = ZCUSTOM_APP but in my Neptune Client the variable is AppCache.StartApp = NEPTUNE_APPCACHE_MENU.

Am I wrong or is there something I forgot to do?

Hi Andrea

If you use Neptune Client from the App Stores, it will only be possible with neptune_appcache_menu. 

You can build your own Neptune Client (build in NAM and export to phonega) and then be able to have your custom Menu App. Have you tried that ? 


Ole Andre 

I, sorry for being in late with my reply.

I have build my hown cordova app and it works, i can reach my custom menu as using browser.

Thanks, Andrea.

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