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Pushwoosh notification

Hi all,
i can't send Push Notification with Pushwoosh from NAM. I configure all informations in NAM but when I send push, I receive code 0 (http_communication_failure if I am not mistaken).
However if I send notification from Pushwoosh site, I receive my notifications correctly.
Any ideas?

Best regards,


Hi Davide

You need to setup a communication from SAP to Pushwoosh. 

Try this guide:



Ole Andre 

Hi Ole-André,

I have already imported the certificate as you can see from the attachment.

Other ideas?




Hi Davide

ok, great.

Small checklist:

- You did created the Pushwoosh node ?

- Have you enabled HTTPS on your server ? Check in SMICM

- Have you restarted ICF ? Perform in SMICM

- Any firewall blocking for outbound communication ?

- Check proxy settings. Start SICF and execute. In the menu - Client - Proxy Settings. 


Ole Andre 

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